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Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Birthday came and went

So I'm 30 now and everyone always says its the BIG one well for my 30th Birthday I spent the afternoon in the ER doing blood tests and chest x-ray. I had been feeling sick the last few days well the whole house actually. Robert was sick first then pasted it to Koa then me. My fever was really high and I could not keep in down under 101 so I made an appointment with our family doctor the morning of my birthday 2/6 at 1130am The nurse took my temperature and it was 102 then the doctor came in and started his questions of my symptons and noticed the fever was high, took blood pressure checked my heart rate, ears, throat, and nose the normal procedure and in that short time he checked my temperature again and it had climbed to 104.8 he was concerned that I may have an pneumonia so he sent me to the nearest hospital ER to get tested. After 3 hours and some IV fluid it turned out to be Bronchitis and was discharged and sent home with some perscription. Even though I didnt get the big celebration I was happy to be with my husband and son and didn't have to spend the night in the hospital....

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


wow so it's been awhile, been slacking on updating this site. Spend more time on Facebook lately. It has been a HS reunion can't believe how many people I've been in contact with on that site alone. I just added some recent pictures. Koa is now 21 months old is speaking better says mommy and daddy and nani, aunty. It's funny that my last entry was Tutu visiting she will be here again next month to stay for a few weeks again. She is in for a shock how much more Koa can do and how active he is. I will try to be better this year and try to add more pictures and entries. I hope everyone is doing well. Until next time.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tutu Nakagawa visiting

Things have been very busy at the Nakagawa house. Tutu is in town and we have been doing some home inprovements like window tinting, storage organizing, and more child proofing. Koa is getting bigger of course so we also have been putting any small clothes away. We went to the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay the other day. Koa had to be carried was a little too scared with the crowd. He is still scared of water, but bath time seems to be getting better. He is starting to just about sit in the water. It is nice having tutu around sad that she will be leaving next week. She has been a big help. He has developed so much in the short time she has been with us. He is saying more words like up, down, hi, buh bye, dog, hot and his favorite word NO Here are some more pictures. Enjoy

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Update on Koa

Ok so Koa just turned 16 months yesterday (crazy) They grow up so fast. He is starting to say a few words although they may not be complete ex: Book he says boo. He says mom and mom mom, for our dog Kanani he says nun and nun nun. He use to say No and whack Kanani on the nose as if she did something bad and we would say "say sorry and give kisses" so he would walk up to her and open his mouth for a kiss and she would lick his face. He loves kisses from her. We did teach him to close his mouth recently.. Then he started to think that if he did something bad like hit or pinch all he would have to do is give kisses and all would be better. Now he no longer says no to Kanani he walks up to her gives kisses and says good girl. well it sounds like it anyway. He says dad when he gives high-five. He loves chips so he says chip, chip chip chip.
For bath time for some reason he refuses to sit in the water. He stands up and we have to sit on the edge with our feet in the water to bathe him and pour water over him. He doesn't like the water on his face. He use to scream all the way through it and it took both of us to bathe him. He now is learning once the water hits his face to use his hand to wipe it off. We say wipe your face it seems to work. He has many toys in the tub but chooses to stand up instead of sitting. He has this fear of water. And I'm sure he some how got it from me. According to my mom I cried as a baby just driving by water (sad) He has also learned how to drain the water. I tell him all done drain the water. He walks over to the drain stopper and steps on it with his foot. Sometimes he steps on and off it for awhile stopping and draining the water.
We bought a booster seat that attatches to one of our chairs so that he can sit right up to the table. When its time to eat we tell him go by your chair and he goes and stands in front of it and taps it with his hand. He's not using any utensils yet. He eats everything with his hands and fingers. He loves french fries, chicken, mushrooms, rice, pasta, carrots. He can drink out of a sippie cup with a straw attatched to it. He loves drinking water straight out of a water bottle. We have to hold it for him to drink and he does that ahhhh sound after he drinks.
He loves books expecially Sandra Boynton. He never gets tired of hearing it over and over again. I've read them so much I have most of them memorized. There's an opposites one and at the end of the book its Hello and Goodbye. As soon as I read Hello he is saying bye bye it's pretty cute. He also knows the word bye bye when we leave to go run errands or anywhere outside the house. Just have to say you want to go bye bye when you are ready to leave. Saying it too early he gets upset that he has to wait. That pretty much sums it up for Koa. I'll write more as he grows.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Getting started

Hello everyone I'm new to this so please bare with me while I try to get it set up. For those that don't know yet. I'm currently living in Las Vegas been here for 7 years. I got married to Robert Nakagawa in Oct 2000. He is orginally from Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. We have a son who is 16 months old his full name is Koa Leichi Pekelo Nakagawa. Looks more haole than ever. He is so active. Loves books and tormenting our chocolate labador. They are true best friends. We've had Kanani that's her name for almost 4 years now. She is our first baby. She loves the water and of course Koa. She's very protective when it comes to him. When he cries she is the first one to go to his room. She also loves to sleep right outside his door.

Robert and Koa M&M factory

Robert and Koa M&M factory

He's quick

He's quick
this is what happens when you turn your back..

ready to drive

loves his sister Kanani

watching Elmo

eating at the table like a big boy

he sits in the tub now



Kanani looks so happy

fast alseep waiting for Santa

Christmas morning at Teora's house

Koa with his cousins Tony and Audrey

look what uncle Wade got me

don't bother me I'm watching Elmo


me with some of my co-workers

Audrey blowing bubbles for Koa

Teora, Audrey, me and Koa

Me, Audrey, and a little devil

Shark Reef

Shark Reef
Daddy had to carry would not stay in stroller

pacifer is his sercurity blanket

the only good shot of the jelly fish

ahhhhh shark

sand shark

a honu (turtle) swam right over me

same turtle

He was so happy to leave

he was running out

still running and smiling

Fourth of July

Fourth of July
Keawe, Paola, my niece Kailana came to visit

grandma and her grankids Kailana and Koa

cousins meeting for the first time

Paola, Kailana, Keawe Poulsen

Koa's Birthday April 26 08

Koa's Birthday April 26 08
3 generations

1 years old

2nd party trip to Kona May 08

2nd party trip to Kona May 08
waiting for the plane

happy boy

sitting with papa

I helped decorate this cake

Nakagawa family picture Wade, Jaci, Papa, Tutu, Miki, Koa, Robert, and Me